Jo F. – 8/3/2014

This place is great. Really is some of the best Chinese food in the City. We are lucky it’s in our neighbourhood! They also have a Thai menu that’s excellent as well.

Marianne H. – 10/8/2013

Oh Peking House 98, how I love thee…and your Hot & Sour soup!!! Last Saturday had marked one month of this lousy cold so it was time for measures of last resort. (Hot & Sour soup is my secret weapon when I’m sick, so it needs to be really good.)

I’ve ordered from here many times in the past and can’t believe I haven’t reviewed them before. There wasn’t even a listing, despite the fact that they’ve been in Hidden Valley for many years now.

The dinner for two was more than enough to feed three adults and one five year old. They even allowed us to substitute one of the predefined combo items for Salt & Pepper Squid. The other items were Chicken Fried Rice, Sweet and Sour Pineapple Pork, spring rolls and, of course, Hot & Sour soup. All I have to say is that my sinuses were very happy and all tummies were full. The squid was absolutely perfect – crispy, without being overly salted or spicy.

They only do take-out or delivery, but let this restaurant live in your bookmarks for the next time you need great Chinese food.

Steven C. – 4/13/2014

By far my favorite Chinese in all of Calgary.  If you like ginger beef you have to get it from here!

Jon W. – 6/18/2014

Got delivery, came quick, well packed. Surprised by the amount of food, I have enough for a couple days. Ginger beef was amazing. Good spring rolls too. Will be ordering again.

Austin S. – 10/21/2013

Actually amazing food. A little pricey but what isn’t these days. There food is always good and if you don’t like something, tell them and they will send you a new one! The people who work there are really nice and it is very convenient!